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Two-time Effie winner Scott Anderson says about our Partner Network Program: Properly repositioning affiliate nets as e-business distribution channels is a great idea!


Effective Partner Networks (Really)

In the brave new world of the Internet, our clients' number one problem is: how to get predictable sales.
The Old Model
Not long ago, it was easier. You did some positioning, showed the product to the pubs, bribed your way onto the chain store shelves, spoke at trade shows and user groups, and you were off.
Now most of that doesn't work. And what's taken its place? Go ahead, go direct, use the Internet. But... the leads you get from direct marketing programs are, all too often, complete vapor. They exist, sure, but they often don't translate to sales.
Do I Know You?
Why? Because you don't fit in. To fit in, you have to work through a channel. You have to build a partner network.
Ah, partners. More worthless wallpaper on your website, right? I know one company that went through an exclusive partnership for two years without a single sale.
Truth: no partner will market you. So, you have to market through your partners - you have to build specific offerings for their customers and then persuade the customers through the partners.
Time For A System
Got a system to do this in volume? Didn't think so. Time for a partner marketing system that you can expand to the whole of your enterprise market.
Now recently, I took another look at affiliate marketing. You know, where people get money for referring people to Amazon. And I realized this was tailor-made for building and expanding an effective partner network.
Part Of An Overall Program
And that's exactly what we're doing. As part of what we do for our clients, we operate an affiliate tracking program to handle partner management. No muss, no fuss, and highly effective.
Two-time Effie winner Scott Anderson says this: "Properly repositioning affiliate nets as e-business distribution channels is a great idea!"
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Updated August 28, 2002

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