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You Need Online Backups!

Iím hearing more and more horror stories about people not backing up daily. One guy here on the West Side lost a million dollar sales deal when his HD went south.

Itís very important to have a system that backs up a different copy every day, instead of overwriting the old one. This saved my life a few weeks ago when Outlook decided to delete about 30 key addresses in my Contact folder. I was able to go back to a version before that, and restore the addresses.

I use Connected Online ( This saves each filename for one year, plus each dayís version of the same filename for the past 30 days. You can also order a yearly CD set on the rollover date.

 You can restore any file from any web browser address in the world. Handy for retrieving files if you havenít brought your machine with you.

I use the $16.45/month service which is ample for my needs. It does it every night that Iím connected.

Exclude any huge old files that donít change and just archive them offline.

Really - do it!!!!

NEW - I'm now using Carbonite which backs up all your files to the internet while you work, day and night, for just $5 a month. No storage limit! I strongly recommend trying it out.

Updated 12 February 2007

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