Scott Gordon, Managing Director

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About Scott Gordon

As Managing Director, Scott Gordon is “the engine” behind many of our recent successes.  Scott oversees TechTransform client engagements. He helps develop the marketing strategy for each client, and then ensures that the strategy, as a part of our TechTransform acceleration process, is executed effectively.       
Mr. Gordon has served since 2003 with TechTransform and is currently the firm's Managing Director.  His roots are as a guerrilla marketer, and he has a successful track record of creating and implementing highly effective marketing strategies.
In addition to his management skills, he brings to the TechTransform team an impressive arsenal of marketing tools, including:
Lead generation.
User acquisition and conversion.
Viral / W.O.M marketing.
Social Network marketing.
Affiliate program management.
Search engine marketing.
Partner program management.
Online marketing communications.
Raised and educated in Southern California, Mr. Gordon made his start in the technology marketing as the Director of Marketing with Flicks Software.  During his tenure he successfully launched five enterprise software solutions, subsequently marketing those solutions, building for the company a list of Fortune 500 clients.  
Since then, he has gone on to launch numerous software titles and web-based applications for TechTransform clients.  
Scott Gordon holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from San Diego State University.  He currently serves on the Board of Directors for numerous companies and organizations, including Family and Child Treatment, a United Way agency that treats child abuse victims and their families.

Updated 27 November 2008
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