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  October 8, 2001
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Riggs Eckelberry Riggs Eckelberry
Managing director
Riggs Eckelberry knows well the Chinese adage that crisis is both danger and opportunity. As managing director of NetCatalyst, Riggs has helped develop its "liquidity engineering" program, which helps companies do the requisite nips and tucks to their assets during trying times. Prior to NetCatalyst, he worked as VP of marketing for TriVeda and before that as COO of Micro House International, both of which he helped sell off to other companies.

Riggs Eckelberry: Engineering Liquidity
Jan 22 2001 03:21 PM PST

Riggs Eckelberry: Engineering Liquidity
Jan 22 2001 03:21 PM PST

Who is the most powerful public person in the Internet industry today?
Jim Clark still walks softly and carries a big stick. Jim is the ultimate adaptive Silicon Valley technologist and his career is a role model.

You are introduced to someone at a cocktail party. Describe what you do in two or three sentences.
At NetCatalyst, I'm one of the Liquidity Engineers and helped develop the term and the processes. Career, I'm a technology transformation specialist. That's the process of turning great technology into business success. Product management is a big part of it, but also a focused business model, effective adoption strategies, adequate infrastructure, etc. Last year's woes were based in great part of failures in technology transformation failures, where they occurred, to fulfill the promise of great technology. Tech success occurs where technology is transformed brilliantly.

Everyone's made silly predictions. What's one prediction you made that never came true?
I was saying last summer (fortunately, not publicly) that the online e-commerce segment would make a comeback in the fourth quarter. Oops. I guess the truth is that online commerce is doing fine, but is still shaking out a lot of marginal operators.

What year did you start using the Internet?

What books are on your business-book must-read list?
Focus by Al Ries; Every book by Trout & Ries (Positioning, 22 Immutable Laws, etc.); Inside the Tornado by Geoffrey Moore; Unleashing the Killer App by Larry Downes and Chunka Mui; The New New Thing by Michael Lewis; and Microsoft Secrets by Richard Selby and Michael Cusumano.

Job History
TriVeda (sold to Be Free)
VP of marketing
1999 - 2000

MicroHouse International (sold to EarthWeb)
1998 - 1999

NetVital Technologies
VP of marketing
1997 - 1998

Lassoo Interactive
President and founder
1996 - 1998

Quarterdeck Corporation
Strategic and product marketing director
1995 - 1996

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