Web Sales Weapons

Why Web-Based Chat is Hot!
Customers who engage "Lands' End Live," their live text chat service, are 67% more likely to make a purchase than visitors who don't. Also those who use live chat have an 8% larger order size.
Source: "Live Text Chat: What a five-year-old has to teach online shoppers," Internet Retailer, 7/7/2004. Reported in  Web Marketing Today Premium, July Links, 8/25/2004

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Web Sales Weapons™

TechTransform, July 27, 2004: Internet hosting provider Rackspace reports that 50% of its new business comes from Web sales chats. Literally, web-based sales tools are Web Sales Weapons.
But it's not just about web based sales chat. It's much more.
The simplest level: Let reps show powerpoints and price lists and the website to prospects, Webex-style. Once you have the ability to run guided tours, you can have private pages for behind-the-scenes looks and confidential pricing offers. Other people can even join in.
The next level: Let reps initiate web-based chats with prospects. Right now people are browsing your site. Obviously they are interested! Yes, you want to make sure you are talking to qualified prospects. The answer is to monitor the pages where people go who would be really interested in buying.
The highest level: hot transfers! Marketing campaigns drive prospects to the web site. They fill out forms. The form info is routed instantly the right sales team, leading to a contact with the prospect while still on the site. Includes call-me functionality and so on.
Recently, I collaborated on this concept with Tod Turner, CEO of Linqware, who has now used his messaging service Collabrix to make this vision a reality. Here’s what’s cool: the per-seat cost for all of this is a fraction of Webex alone!
Soon, Runaware, a TechTransform client, will also offer this in conjunction with its online software demos. Runaware is calling their offering "Better Sales Demos" and you'd best believe, that's what it's about!
Take a look at the mini-white paper below. Click on my signature if you're interested and I'll hook you up!

Updated 8 September, 2004
An Online Sales Microsite (with live demonstration) 
Click here for Flow Chart.
Informative landing pages.
Interactive qualifying dialog.
See sample here - click on “application note”.  This form was shown to increase form submit rates by 300% (source: Marketing Sherpa).
Real-time prospect profiler with rule-driven decision to invite or not.
In case of non-invitation, opt the prospect into:
Download information
Download a program
Subscribe to publications
Buy something
(Provide an opt-out processor.)
In case of invitation, launch:
Website chat.
Phone hookup.
Salesperson control page.
Collaborative tool.
Live product demo.
Post-visit followup:
Automated email with sales followup and product demo links for more tryouts.
Product trial date-triggered email/website offers.
Autoresponder email series.

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