A Technology Marketing Org Chart

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A Technology Marketing Org Chart

Technology companies have unique needs. For example, product development must be driven by marketing to succeed. Here is an org chart that implements this and other classic requirements.
You've got a VP Marketing running it, with Directors over Strategic, Marcom and Product. PR can be pulled out of Marcom to create a separate and parallel unit, if desired.
Classically, Marketing is also in charge of product planning, marketing and management. This model works because it makes sure the company remains customer-driven.
Should Business Development be in Sales or Marketing? Either way, it works.
But I don't think "bizdev" should be under the CEO, as it sometimes is, because it will lose accountability and tend to work on deals that make announcements, not revenue.
Marketing Org Chart
Strategic Marketing
Market Research
Strategic Planning
Alliances and Partnerships
Business Development
OEM and Channel Marketing
Marketing Communications
Design & Resources (website, materials, advertising, editorial, collateral)
Online Commerce & Distribution (incl. affiliates and networks)
Web Traffic development
CRM/SFA marketing support
Campaign Management (direct marketing, community marketing, retention marketing)
Public Relations, Online presence
Seminars, Trade Shows and Events
Product Marketing and Management
Product Planning
Product Pricing and Commercial Policies
Product Management
Road Map Management
Product Marketing Management
Product Launch Planning & Execution
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Posted November 23, 2004

How Marketing Can Drive Revenue
Marketing can drive revenue through the following:
Online Commerce.
Sales Support.
PR and Advertising.
Campaigns (lead generation, customer acquisition, renewals, up-selling).
Alliances and Business Development.

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