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2008 Commentary Archive

Over the past year several new companies have emerged offering Alternative Payment Engines.  Alternative Payment Engines offer a creative way to increase sales, recapture lost sales, and in the case of subscription products increase customer retention.  
Pay Per Click advertising, where you as the advertiser pay only when a user clicks on your online advertisement, can be an effective way to quickly drive traffic to your website.  But managed incorrectly, Pay Per Click marketing can be VERY expensive.  Here are a few tricks to improve the results of your Pay Per Click campaigns.
"A recent, well publicized CMO Council survey of global marketers concluded that only 16% of companies rate themselves as effective customer relationship managers.  Given the cost to find a new customer vs. keep one (5x more expensive to find) and available expertise and technology this is mystifying."
Crossbow Group's Jay Bower has his usual trendspotting piece on what's working, what's not in early 2008. Seems to me that it's back to basics all over again.

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