Next-Generation Online Marketing

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Next-Generation Online Marketing

Post-2000, a new market has emerged - a HUGE, speedy market where you're either quick - or you're out of it.
In this series of articles written starting in 2004, we make some sense of it - and how to win at it.

In the ideal online marketing model, there is very little human “sales persuasion” going on. The system is doing it. Here is a prescription for setting up the "system" - simple, scalable and successful.
Internet hosting provider Rackspace claims that 50% of its new business comes from Web sales chats. Literally, web-based sales tools are Web Sales Weapons. But it's not just about web based sales chat. It's much more.

1. Cold-calling doesn't work.
2. Web sites don't affect lead generation.
3. We need more brand recognition first.
4. We need more new leads.
5. Let's run some ads.
6. Direct mail doesn't work for services.
7. Don't market to current clients.
Thanks to Mike Schultz and John Doerr!
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