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Electronic Direct Marketing Effectiveness

A Long-Term Study of EDM Effectiveness
From a report of July 8, 1999
Personalized triggered email campaigns are a quantitatively proven process for generating sales leads.
Lassoo has been running an EDM (Electronic Direct Marketing) campaign for their client VitalSigns/INSoft for nearly a year now. This campaign is designed to get leads for their line of enterprise network response management software.
It is a classic IT leadgen campaign, and it was credited in the acquisition of Vital Signs by INS last year. The cost of a lead runs $10-20 each, which is very good for a multi-thousand dollar IT product.
The key to making this work is not just the offer, but a comprehensive set of response pages and good personalized email followup. The process is:
1. Teaser messages in media (purchased or house lists),
2. leading to tracked URL gateways,
3. which are microsites of tiered information,
4. leading to a lead generation funnel,
5. with an email followup series ... coordinated with salesforce followup.
An early report on this process was presented at the TIECon '98 conference in San Jose.
A Sample Spreadsheet
Here is an Excel-based response tracker that follows paid email and newsletter response all the way through to sales.
This example showcases campaigns in February 99 that promoted SupportSource, which was a tech support subscription resource that was priced in the range of $2,000-4,000 per seat annually.
The Model, Refined
Lassoo Interactive refined the model over subsequent engagements and published these case studies.
Further Refinements
Lassoo Interactive cofounder Eric Robi (now at IDM Partners), drew up this marketing plan based on his online launch of ZipMagic 98, which helped "make" the brand. The general list of activities remains valid to this day.
EDM Effectiveness
Electronic Direct Marketing (EDM) can be made to work, and here are all the details - and some useful tools - from actual examples.
Riggs Eckelberry
4 June 2001
Updated 5 March 2002

Note: as of October 2001, Lassoo Interactive ended operations. Two of the founders have since launched IDM Partners.

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