On The Record

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On The Record

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Citations of Riggs Eckelberry at CyberDefender: Link
March 16
March 3
February 5
December 4
November 25
Release, "Tech Veteran Completes Panda USA Assignment", Various Publications
September 30
September 17
Release, "Panda Commends US Executive on Triple Sales",  Various Publications
June 3
Appointment, Advisory Board, SMGI
May 14
Interviewed, "Bookmark This", David Lawrence's Online Tonight
February 24
Interviewed, " Un avenir pour le duo France - USA ? Le point de vue de Riggs ECKELBERRY, CEO de TechTransform", Netéconomie.fr
November 4
Interviewed, "TechTransform aide les entreprises françaises à s'implanter à moindre coût aux Etats-Unis", Netéconomie.fr
October 30
Interviewed, BFM Radio/France. Listen (MP3, MP4) to the interview.
August 14
Interviewed, CNET Radio on behalf of Sunbelt Software.
May 4
February 10
February 7
Panelist, "Accelerating Change in the Information Economy" (PDF), Anderson School at UCLA.
February 1
Panelist, Breakfast@VIC.
January 22
January 18
Panelist, Southern California Software Council (SCSC).

November 8
October 16
October 1
September 4
August 21
 Article: "Incubators face mountain of hurt", ZDNet E-Commerce News
June 1

May 9
September 13
Panelist, Software Publishers‘ Association‘s 14th Annual Conference, Chicago.
June 16
Cited in Patent No. 6,205,432, "Background Advertising System".
June 6
Panelist, TieCon '98 Conference, San Jose.
February 12
Panelist, Venture Talent ’98 Conference, Bellevue WA.

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